Jira swimlanes

jira swimlanes

So I have configured multiple swimlanes in the project configuration In JIRA, many times things will not show up if they have nothing to show. A swimlane is a means of categorising issues so that agile teams can see which issues they should work on next. JIRA Agile provides: Vertical categorisation of. Solved: I would like to define two swimlanes on my kanban board based upon whether they task is currently being worked on or is ready for the next.


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Jira swimlanes - dem Echtgeld

Sorry, no, that's a broken process. When you move issues between columns, it changes the issue status in plain JIRA. Burndown Chart Control Chart Comparing different methods of calculating the rolling average on the Control Chart. See Working with Epics for more information. Change the name of a swimlane. I still think I am confused. Specifying your License Details Backing Up and Restoring Data JIRA Agile - JIRA Configuration JIRA Agile Labs Getting Help. Have a question about this article? On that same point Does this make sense? How to groups issues in JIRA Agile swimlanes? Configuring Filters Enabling Ranking Configuring Columns Using JIRA Agile Simplified Workflow. jira swimlanes

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